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2545 E Bidwell St #140

Folsom, CA 95630

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Resonance Physical Therapy & Wellness

Resonance Physical Therapy & Wellness

At Resonance Physical Therapy & Wellness we specialize in rehabilitation of patients with pelvic floor and orthopedic conditions, including long standing postural dysfunction and chronic pain. Our mission is to provide individual care based on each person's goals and to empower them to achieve their fullest potential.  We offer Specialty programs for Women's Health, Pregnancy, Scoliosis Rehab and Yoga therapy. We believe that collaborative care is in the best interest of the patients we treat and provides the best results.  We deliver this care with compassion and expert level skills to our Folsom and neighboring communities.

When my daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis this past summer, I was told by the doctor to simply monitor the curve for the next 6 months.  I decided not to wait and did more research on my own.  I found out that it was best to get her into physical therapy (PT), specifically the Schroth Method. We had gone to Kaiser's PT and they spent about 15 minutes on my daughter.  The Kaiser PT was not familiar with Schroth, so she only had one exercise to give her.  I didn't feel that it was useful.  I did more research on the Schroth Method and heard some great things about it.  Fortunately, I found Sandy on the Barcelona Schroth directory and called her.  In our first session, Sandy spent over 1 hour taking all kinds of measurements and looking at my daughter's x-rays.  Sandy was extremely thorough.  She said that my daughter should do 10 consecutive sessions, 2 hours each session.  She started teaching her how to breathe and then eased her into the intensive PT.  She was very hands-on, and very patient.  Basically, our 2 hours each night was very intense and worth every penny.  She made sure that my daughter was doing the exercises correctly before she felt comfortable having her do it at home.  I watched and learned as well so that I would be able to help my daughter when she does the exercises at home.  Sandy even went with us to San Mateo to get a special brace that works with Schroth PT.  She has been so helpful and a guiding light on our journey.  I would definitely recommend Sandy for patients who are looking for REAL PT.

Karyn L. 10/4/2017.

Karyn L

I was having recurring bladder issues and regular methods (diet, doctor's visits, medicines) weren't helping with my pain. I went to Sandy for Pelvic floor physical therapy recommend by my doctor.  After a few visits I started feeling better and after 6 visits I am pain free.  She is very thorough, easy going and truly interested in my welfare and health.  I would highly recommend Resonance Physical Therapy for what ails you. Dawn T. 1/3/2018


My son has been dealing with scoliosis since he was 12 years old, and he is now 19.  He did bracing and some other PT that was not effective, his curve had progressed and his surgeon was considering surgery.  I found Sandy after looking for a better approach.  All I can say is "WOW!"  My son's results have been truly amazing.  His posture has dramatically improved, his balance and symmetry look totally normal.  His right hip, which would swing out with every step, is now nearly resolved.  Sandy worked with my son over the course of approximately 1 month with 2 hour sessions three times a week.  He now does his morning therapy every day and is continuing to improve.  

The most important thing however, has been his improved outlook on life.  He was very anxious and depressed, but is now his old self.  Along with the physical aspect of therapy, Sandy taught my son breathing and relaxation techniques that have calmed his anxiety and given him a much more positive outlook on his health and mental well being.

I highly recommend Sandy for scoliosis therapy.  She has been worth every penny.  I cannot thank Sandy enough for all that she has done for my son. 

Kevin Lindholm 5/13/2019.

Kevin L

I highly recommend Resonance PT. Sandy works 1 on 1 with her patients for the entire session, no bouncing between patients, so you have her full attention. In addition to addressing the pain/complaint, she also looks for other contributing factors and provides recommendations for achieving total body balance in order to decrease the chances of the problem reoccurring. If you do the homework (following the exercises and stretching program) you will have long-lasting improvement!

Liz F. 4/26/2018

Liz F

I was referred to Sandy to get help with issues of pelvic pain.  I immediately felt at ease and supported by Sandy when I started seeing her.  Her depth of experience and calm, open manner helped me to understand what was happening with my body.  She taught me some exercises that were helpful, and worked with me over a number of weeks as I learned them. I really appreciated her openness to discussing various treatment modalities - I highly value that in a practitioner.  She has a very broad knowledge and understanding of what makes for a healthy life.

I highly recommend Sandy as a physical therapist.  My experience with her was wonderful.


I went to the Doctor for a bladder problem and pain in my "uterus". After I had seen the doctor for my

bladder problem, she then asked me to go to four physical Therapy sessions for the "uterus" problem.  I thought it was strange, but I went. I then met Ms. Sandy and told her about my pain in my uterus and that it was very uncomfortable, especially while having sex. Ms. Sandy then explained why it was uncomfortable and what we could do to help me feel better. She then showed me some exercises  that would help me at home to do that were very easy and simple and that could help me anytime I’m feeling uncomfortable. Ms. Sandy helped me out a lot and I’m am very grateful to her and that my doctor requested me to go to her. It was a great health learning 


Thank you Ms. Sandy!


Mrs. B. Beckers

Sandy worked with me following surgery on my arm for a frozen shoulder. She is the reason why my arm works today. She was honest with me about the level of work I had  to continue to do to ensure that her interventions would be successful and long lasting. She worked hard with and didn't give up when my recovery was slow. I needed that. We don't all heal at the same rate.


 She is no longer in the area or I would see her again for another matter. She is personable, competent and her work with me was effective. I highly recommend her.


I had the immense pleasure of meeting Dr. Sandy Dharmadas while she was in residence at ____.  I found her to be kind, patient,  truly interested in the welfare of her patients, and more than willing to listen to their concerns.  Quite frankly it was rather refreshing to not be rushed in and out as if on an assembly line of patients.  No, most doctors do not do that but I have run into far too many who did.


My reason for seeing Dr. Sandy was for chronic pain in my back, neck, and shoulder which were the result of too many years of back and head trauma.  Trauma from hurting my lower back while working at the post office (parcel post).  Other trauma from car accidents.  And, more trauma from hitting my head on overhead kitchen cabinets; and, being hit in the head by a waiter standing behind me with a tray.  Be that as it may, I occasionally have flare ups which warrant me getting physical therapy and being reminded of exercises which will alleviate the pain.  This is where Dr. Dharmadas comes in; and, why I so wholeheartedly am writing this letter of confidence in her medical skills.


Because of the physical therapy skills of Dr. Dharmadas, my chronic pain was finally relieved and by the end of our sessions I can say my life was made a lot better due to the reduction in pain.  While I was sad to see her go, it was apparent that Dr. Dharmadas was destined to move on and extend her services to other patients in need of her type of empathy and care.  Back pain can become a life long problem that while managed still serves as a reminder of some traumatic event.  To have any of it relieved is something you don't easily forget.


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2545 E Bidwell St #140

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Resonance Physical Therapy is located on E. Bidwell Street, across from Harris Center between Scholar way and Oak Avenue Pkwy.
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