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During pregnancy as the baby grows inside mother’s uterus, the baby can put pressure on the bladder which sits in front of the uterus.  This pressure can cause an increased urinary urgency, need for urination more frequently than usual, and in combination of weak pelvic floor muscles can cause urinary leakage.  Although, it is not uncommon, urinary leakage during pregnancy is not normal and can be relieved by pelvic floor therapy.  Sandy is an expert at assessing the entire body system and will develop an effective treatment plan for your specific problem and to help meet your goals.   

If you are planning on getting pregnant or are currently pregnant get a complete

evaluation and treatment to prevent any such issues and to prevent pelvic floor issues related to pregnancy far into the future.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Contact Sandy for a complete evaluation and treatment

!Prevention is better than cure                   




During pregnancy, the muscles of the abdomen and the joints of the pelvic girdle expand to accommodate for the growing baby.  During labor and delivery, tears can occur in the skin and muscles tissues around the vaginal opening.  These tears can inhibit appropriate healing of the pelvic floor muscles.  During breastfeeding, the mother’s muscular system and joints remain lax due to the effect of oxytocin hormone.  Also, with the arrival of the new baby comes interrupted sleep which can affect the body’s ability to heal.  Taking care of the baby- lifting, breastfeeding, bathing all place increased demands on the mother’s physical ability.  All these factors can allow a pelvic floor issue to worsen or be neglected.  It is therefore, best to address pelvic health and fitness before or while you are pregnant, even if you do not have any pelvic floor issue then.  If you are feeling that things are not the same in the pelvic area since you had your baby, contact us for a complete evaluation and treatment.

I offer a free 30 minute consultation regarding any of the services that I offer, so that you can explore if this is a right fit for you.

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