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Postural dysfunction

The age of smaller phones and tablets has changed how we position ourselves in front of the devices and we spend long periods of time in front of them.  Add to this, sedentary lifestyle - sitting at work, sitting on the couch at home, sitting for entertainment and you have a chronic postural problem.  


Postural problems are easiest to identify yet most difficult to change.  Because these problems have persisted for such a long time, poor posture becomes a habit, which makes it hard to change them.   No worries, we have a couple of tricks up our sleeves to change that, to motivate you, and to help you achieve not only good posture but also a healthy body.  Contact us for a complete evaluation and treatment.

I offer a free 30 minute consultation regarding any of the services that I offer, so that you can explore if this is a right fit for you.

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