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Healing through Yoga

Yoga Therapy at Resonance Physical Therapy

Yogic Healing/ Yoga as therapy

Yogic healing is a holistic health approach, with one-on-one instruction based on the individuals goals, needs, and identified issues.  An experienced yoga healer is a guide to help you connect to your own healing power and help you coach you thro’ this healing journey.

Yogic healing is the application of all aspects of yoga, adapted to the individual manage various body and mind conditions and to restore balance, vitality and sense of purpose.  It is an experiential process of learning and understanding the entire human system including the mind, body, & nature.  Yoga includes not only the postures/ asanas but also meditation and breathing/ Pranayam.   It is a multi-dimensional approach to address the multi-dimensional nature of human system problems by linking movement to relaxed, rhythmical breathing.  This creates profound changes in the physical body, mental state, and overall attitude towards health and well-being.

Sandy invites you to discuss your health concerns with her.  She will listen actively to your concerns and develop a personalized program for you. She is a lifelong student of yoga, learning yoga as a child from her father, completing her teacher training in the Sivananda lineage of hatha yoga.  She completed her yoga therapy program at Loyola Marymount University (LMU).  She is an accomplished physical therapist and a yoga therapist. She approaches her clients issues holistically using yoga therapy and physical therapy principles.

Her perspective:

I often get asked the question “what kind of yoga do you practice ?” .  My answer is always “the one that works”.  This is not to exemplify my great skills as a guide but merely that yoga, any type of yoga, when done correctly for the right problem, with the right individual is effective.  Much like anything else in life.

Another reason yoga therapy is successful is that it is focused on health (Swastha) and not based on the label of the diagnosis.  In yoga, absence of disease is not considered health.  The word swastha is Swa=self; astha=established, meaning being established in self, being in harmony with self – the body, mind, and nature.

Depending on the goal of a yoga practice it can be shikshana-instruction for the young and healthy individuals, rakshana-protective instruction for individuals who are not as able or are older individuals, chikitsa-practice of yoga for individuals who have illness.


Words fail to convey the total value of yoga.  It has to be experienced.   B.K.S. Iyengar.


Mindfulness --> Meta-cognition --> Re-framing.

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